Mt.Fuji: Current Climbing Status

Including the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) response

All trails to the Summit and public facilities are closed.

All trails to the summit and public facilities are closed in winter from September 11th.


Closed sections include:
  • Yoshida Trail above the 5th Station
  • Subashiri Trail above the 5th Station
  • Gotemba Trail above the New 5th Station
  • Fujinomiya Trail above the 5th Station
  • Ohachi-meguri (summit crater loop) Trail
Closed trails

Status Overview: Trails and facilities along the major routes

  Yoshida Trail Subashiri Trail Gotemba Trail Fujinomiya Trail
Parking lots at transport bases     -  
Roads to 5th Stations Open*
cf. Subaru Line
Closed Closed Closed
Private vehicle access to 5th Stations Limited number
cf. Subaru Line
Public transport to 5th Stations Available
cf. Fujikyuko Bus
Parking lots at 5th Stations Limited duration of time N/A N/A N/A
Information centers at 5/6th Stations Open at the 5th N/A N/A N/A
Facilities at 5th Stations Mostly open N/A N/A N/A
Trails around and below 5th Stations Closed: Yoshida 1st-5th Stations etc. Not closed Not closed Not closed
Trail conditions for ascent Under reformation N/A N/A Under reformation
Trail conditions for descent N/A N/A N/A -
Mountain huts All closed All closed All closed All closed
First-aid centers Not in service - - Not in service
Congestion level N/A N/A N/A N/A
Other facilities Mostly closed Mostly closed Mostly closed Mostly closed
More info Fujiyoshida Tourist Information Center (+555-22-7000) Oyama-Town Tourism Association Mt. Fuji Gotemba Hakone Tourist Information (+550-83-4770)  

Status Overview: Trails and facilities at the Summit

  • Ohachi-meguri (summit crater loop) trail is closed.
  • All facilities including rest houses, mountain huts, the post office, and shrines will be closed during the 2020 season.

Additional information concerning Covid-19

Outdoor safety tips with respect to Covid-19

  1. Do not go out if you have any symptoms of the infection.
  2. Avoid overnight or long day-trips far away from amenities.
  3. Avoid challenging plans and minimize your risk.
  4. Travel with fewer people you may know better and stay away from other groups.
  5. Keep a physical distance of 2 metres or more from others.
  6. Wear a face mask while resting or talking unless it upsets your breathing.
  7. Wash your hands frequently and keep hygienic as much as possible.
  8. Avoid sharing water, food, and equipment unless necessary.

Useful Links for COVID-19



  • Yoshida Trail: +55-223-1315 (Prefectural office in charge of the Mt. Fuji World Cultural Heritage Site)
  • Fujinomiya, Subashiri, Gotemba Trails: +54-221-3747 (Prefectural office in charge of the Mt. Fuji World Cultural Heritage Site)
  • Ohachi-meguri (summit crator loop) trail: +55-931-3261 (Ministry of the Environment Numazu Ranger Office)