Ohachi-meguri Trail (the Summit Crater Loop) is still partially closed due to snow.

Ohachi-meguri Trail is still partly closed!!

The highest point (Peak Kengamine) is now accessible clockwise from the top of Yoshida Trail. 
The western half of the Ohachi-meguri Trail (the summit crater loop) of Mt. Fuji is, however, still closed for climbers' safety as the trail below the Peak Kengamine is still covered with snow. 
※Until 10 July, Ohachi-meguri Trail and all the route of Shizuoka (Subashiri trail from 5th st. Gotenba trail from 5th st. Fujinomiya trail from 6th st. to the top ) is closed

Section closed: Western hemicircle between Peak Kusushi and Peak Kengamine. 

Map of the summit
Near Kengamine (25 June)
Still a lot of snow
the north of Kengamine (25 June)
Near Kusushidake(23 June)
Forbid to pass the rope