Mountain Sickness / Rescue Request

Mountain Sickness

Drink water regularly!

  • Feelings of fatigue and listlessness, headache, dizziness, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, etc.

  • Before departure, you should rest for one to two hours at the altitude of the 5th station so that you can adapt to a higher altitude.
  • Walk slowly at a constant pace.
  • Take rests at regular intervals but not too long, so as not to get cold.
  • Drink water regularly.
  • Take deep breaths.

<Post-sickness Measures>
  • If your symptoms are serious, descend the mountain.
  • Keeping your body warm and take a rest.
  • If your condition worsens, go to the first-aid center.

Rescue Request

  • If you cannot descend the mountain by yourself,
Yoshida TrailYoshida Trail : Please call 0555-72-1477  (Mt.Fuji 5th Sta. General Management Center)
Subashiri TrailSubashiri /Gotemba TrailGotemba / Fujinomiya TrailFujinomiya Trail : Please call 110 (police)  or 119 (fire/ambulance)
  • Otherwise, contact the nearest mountain hut.