Fujinomiya Trail

Location and Characteristics of Fujinomiya Trail

The Fujinomiya Trail starts at the Fujinomiya Trail 5th Station and leads to the summit from the south side of Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture (Fujinomiya City).

Characteristics of Fujinomiya Trail

  • The distance to the summit is short because this trail starts at the highest altitude out of the four trails.
  • For this reason, this trail is very popular with many visitors, next to the Yoshida Trail.
  • On the whole, the slope is steep and rocky.
  • Since the trail for ascent is the same as the trail for descent, climbers are less likely to take the wrong route. On the other hand, climbers need to make way for each other when crowded.

Points on the Fujinomiya Trail at which Extra Care is Needed

  • There are many steep, rocky places. Many cases of injury or fall are reported. Walk carefully.
  • Since the trails for ascent and descent are the same, the trail becomes very crowded near the summit. Make way for each other, giving priority to ascending people.