Regulation and Rules for Climbing Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji as National Park, Special Place of Scenic Beauty, and Historic Site

Mt. Fuji is designated as part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, and also as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty and Historic Site. The following acts are legally prohibited in the designated area.
  • Disturbing animals and plants.
  • Removing lava from the area
  • Pitching a tent / making a fire
  • Releasing pets etc.
  • Sowing seeds or planting seedlings.

Please Do Not Deface Mt. Fuji!

Please do not tag rocks on Mt. Fuji with graffiti or write on them.
We ask that you observe proper protocol when climbing Mt. Fuji for the enjoyment of other climbers.

“Mt. Fuji Country Code”

  • We pledge to pass on beautiful Mt. Fuji to future generations.
  • We pledge never to litter on Mt. Fuji and to take all trash back.
  • We pledge not to bring unnecessary things to Mt. Fuji in the first place.
  • We pledge not to stray off the trails.
  • We pledge not to write any graffiti, including those in memory of ascent to the summit.
  • We pledge not to use vehicles except on designated roadways.
  • We pledge not to damage lava tree molds and any other special geological features.
  • We pledge to stop the engine in the parking areas.
  • We pledge not to take away any animals or plants.
  • We pledge to keep the toilets and other public facilities clean.