Climbing Itinerary Report (Tozan-todoke)

Climbing Plan

A Climbing Plan is a document which includes the climbing route,rough schedule,and contact information of the group members. It is used for search and rescue by the police and others in case of an emergency. If you get lost,it is not easy to find you in the vast mountain area without any clues.
Anyone who climbs mountains is personally responsible for his/her own safety, and you must protect your own life. In order to ensure prompt rescue in the event that you become lost or missing, you must complete and submit a Climbing Plan.

In particular, please make sure to prepare the Climbing Plan when you climb in any period other than the climbing season (during off-season).

* If you enter the area of 3,000 m or more (generally above the 8th station) from the Yamanashi side (Yoshida Trail) between December and March of the following year, you must submit the Climbing Plan in accordance with the Ordinance Concerning Safely Climbing Mountains in Yamanashi Prefecture.

How to submit a Climbing Plan

We recommend that you submit your Climbing Plan using Compass, an online Climbing Plan form that is available in multiple languages (English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese). You can also submit your Climbing Plan (paper version) at the trail head. It is also important to inform your family members, climbing clubs, workplaces, schools, etc. about the content of your Climbing Plan, so that someone will notice the accident or distress in the event that you have not descended the mountain by the scheduled date or you cannot be contacted.