Mountain Huts

Notes on using mountain lodges

About mountain lodges

  • Mountain lodges are simple lodging houses to stay for a nap with minimal facilities. Water is precious on Mt. Fuji, and mountain lodges provide no water for washing your face and hands. There are no showers/baths. Do not expect too much. Some facilities begin to close at the end of August. Check in advance whether mountain huts are still open when you plan to travel. Advance reservation is highly recommended.
  • Mountain lodges are often crowded on weekends, and the space for one person is often limited.
  • Most of the mountain lodges have separate shared rooms for men and women.

Mountain lodge reservation

  • Make sure to book the mountain lodge in advance. If you don't make a reservation, you may not be able to stay overnight.
  • Guests can order simple meals for dinner and breakfast.
  • Some mountain lodges may be closed if you arrive at night so check the operating hours in advance.

Rules of mountain lodges

  • When you leave, take everything that you brought in back with you. The mountain lodges need to carry the trash that guests discharged to the 5th Station by crawler and dispose of it, which is expensive.
  • Toilets have different treatment methods for human waste. Before using, be sure to check how to use them and the precautions.
  • You cannot use the mountain lodge just to shelter from rain or take a rest in stormy weather.
  • Only cash payment is available. Credit cards and other cards are often not accepted.

Mountain lodges on each trail

  • Mountain lodges and their contacts on each trail are here
  • Mt. Fuji trouble help book

Yoshida Trail

  • There are mountain lodges at the shop location at the Fuji-Subaru Line 5th Station, at the Yoshida Trail 5th Station and 6th Station, and at the summit.
  • The mountain lodges on the Yoshida Trail are members of Mount Fuji Yoshidaguchi Ryokan Association. Check the contact information on mountain lodges as well as their availability on the Ryokan Association’s website (Japanese only).

Subashiri Trail

  • There are mountain lodges at the Subashiri Trail 5th Station and the summit.
  • The trail above the Subashiri Trail 8th Station merges with the Yoshida Trail; therefore the mountain lodges above the 8th station are shared with the climbers taking the Yoshida Trail.

Gotemba Trail

  • There are no mountain lodges at the Gotemba Trail Shin-5th Station. The mountain lodge closest to the trailhead is Oishi-Chaya (tea house), which is about 10 minutes up from the Gotemba Trail Shin-5th Station.
  • There are fewer mountain lodges on the Gotemba Trail than on other trails. The next mountain lodge after departing from Oishi-Chaya (tea house) is not until the 7th Station. Considering the arrival time at the mountain lodges, weather, and your physical strength, make a proper climbing plan, including the departure time from the trailhead.

Fujinomiya Trail

  • The mountain lodges on the Fujinomiya Trail are members of Mt. Fuji Omote-Fujinomiyaguchi Climbing Association. You can check the contact information on mountain lodges as well as their availability on the Mt. Fuji Omote-Fujinomiyaguchi Climbing Association website.