Mountain climbing in Japan

The following points are generally known as “climbing manners” in Japan.

Take all trash back home with you!

  • Take all trash that you generate during the climb back home with you.
  • It is also a breach of manners to throw away trash that you brought to the mountain in the mountain lodge.


  • Various types of biological toilets are installed on Mt. Fuji, and you need to observe the rules for using each type of toilet.
  • Without following the rules, it can cause not only discomfort to other users but a breakdown of the biological toilets, as well as taking extra time and cost to decomposing and disposing of human waste.
  • The toilets on the mountain are placed in a special environment; therefore it costs a lot to install and maintain them. We ask that you make a donation of 100 - 300 yen (as a tip) for using the toilets. Please contribute when you use them.

Pay attention to other people during the climb!

  • Don't ring bear bells except where necessary.
  • When you climb with many people, pay attention to other people outside your group, and your surroundings.
  • Pack items tightly so that equipment and plastic bottles do not fall off during the climb.
  • When using a ladder and walking on rocky paths, store the walking poles in your backpack. Be careful not to hurt the people around you by hitting them with your backpack.

Points to keep in mind for using public transportation

  • A big backpack can get in the way of the people around you. Move your bag to the overhead rack or underfoot, or at the side of the aisle on the train or bus. When the train or bus is crowded, carry your bag on your stomach if it is not too big.
  • When you get on the train or bus, store the walking poles in your backpack or hold them by hand. Be careful not to hurt the people with your walking poles.
  • Put caps on the tips of walking poles.
  • Store dirty clothing in your bag to avoid making people feel uncomfortable.