Important Notice:

Please refrain from climbing at night without staying in a mountain hut.

- A gate will be installed on the Yoshida Trail and mountain climbing regulations will be implemented.
- Click here for Yamanashi Prefecture Mt. Fuji Yoshida trail gate entrance reservation system.

- On the Subashiri, Gotemba, Fujinomiya Trail, a social experiment will be conducted to manage mountain access using DX.
Please check here for details.

All trails are currently closed.

Mt.Fuji Volcanic Alert Level

Level 1: Potential for increased activity


Live cameras

Fujiyoshida City/ from Fuji Hokuroku Flux Observation SiteProvided by MOE Internet Nature Institute
Fujiyoshida City/ from Biodivercity CenterProvided by MOE Internet Nature Institute
Fujinomiya City/ from Lake TanukikoProvided by MOE Internet Nature Institute
Shizuoka-City/Shimizu portProvided by Shizuoka Prefecture
Fujinomiya-City/Livestock technology laboratoryProvided by Shizuoka Prefecture