Guidelines for Off-season

The hiking trail to the summit of Mt. Fuji is closed except during the summer mountain climbing season.

Mt. Fuji is open from early July to early September, after which the mountain trails to the summit are closed.

After the mountain closes, the mountain huts also close, and the harsh weather conditions of Mt. Fuji often bring with them violent gusts of wind and snowstorms, making the risk of mountain accidents extremely high and extremely dangerous. There is a risk of falling due to gusts of wind or slipping on ice.
The causes of accidents are varied, including
  • Lack of information about the weather, etc.
  • Being in a tourist mood
  • Not having sufficient equipment
  • Lack of knowledge and experience
  • Unreasonable climbing or a tight schedule
  • Overconfidence that one will not cause an accident
and many more.

Fatal accidents have also occurred involving experienced climbers who were knowledgeable and well-equipped.

Hiking outside of the summer season is very dangerous.
Please refrain from doing so.

Persuant to Article 46 of the Road Act, the trail from 5th station to Mt. Fuji summit is closed.
(Only the Fujinomiya trail from the 6th station to the summit during certain periods)

Guidelines for Off-season

Although the above regulations exist, it is also true that people with sufficient knowledge, experience, and physical strength attempt to climb Mt. Fuji when it is closed at their own risk, and this has resulted in accidents.
In order to prevent such accidents and to preserve the natural environment, the "Guidelines for Ensuring Safety When Climbing Mt. Fuji" (mainly precautions to take outside of the summer mountain season) were established in 2013.
There are rules in place for Mt. Fuji, including a prohibition on climbers who are not fully prepared from climbing outside of the summer mountain season, so please abide by these rules. The main points are as follows:

1. No one is allowed to ascend the mountain unless they are fully prepared.
2. A Climbing Plan must be completed and submitted.
3. Off-season climbers bring their own portable toilets.