Toilets on the Trails

Toilet rules and manners

Follow the rules and manners to use a toilet

Human waste is not decomposed easily at high altitudes of Mt. Fuji and could become a cause of pollution of the natural scenery and environment. Biological composting toilet systems are installed as no sewer system is available. Special treatments are applied to human excrement and finally carried down to the foothills. Each biological toilet system has a different mechanism. Please follow instructions, such as how to use water and toilet paper.

Do not throw in trash

Biological toilets on Mt. Fuji are typically equipped with filters, stirrers and heaters inside to activate microorganisms. Putting any foreign object other than the specified items can cause physical failure and impairment of the processing system. Allowed are typically human excrement and water-soluble toilet paper only.

Bring a dozen of 100-yen coins for toilet fee.

Toilets in mountain lodges require a fee payment of 200-500 yen. Public toilets also request tipping of 200-300 yen.
Building and maintaining toilets in mountain areas cost a lot for expensive transport as well as environmental friendliness and special treatment methods. (*1)
Your payment will go towards the renovation of the facility, fuel transportation, and human waste disposal. Your cooperation will help toilets be sustainable.

Some lodges accept electric payment, typically PayPay, for toilet fee.
Public toilets at the summit of Fujinomiya Trail and 7th Station of Yoshida's descent Trail accept electronic payment services to pay cooperation fee. Available are PayPay, Japanese QR code-based payment service, as well as other similar services including LINE PAY, Alipay, AlipayHK, and Kakao Pay.

  *1 For example, the waste from the toilet at the summit of Mt. Fuji is primarily treated on-site, and then transported to the foothills for disposal. Maintaining the toilet incurs an enormous cost of about 50 million yen per season.
  * Please understand that toilets in the mountain lodges are not funded by Mt. Fuji Conservation Donation contributed at trailheads. Payment at each mountain lodge will support the toilets.

Bring your own portable toilet!

A portable toilet is a plastic bag containing a moisture absorbent to prevent fluid leakage. It can be sealed after use, carried, and disposed of at the designated location after descending the mountain.
The toilets at the summit are not available in the first 10 days of the climbing season. Mountain lodges are not always open, particularly at the beginning and end of the season. Please bring your own portable toilet. Even during the period when the toilet can be available, it can be crowded depending on the time. Portable toilets are helpful just in case.

Toilet must not be an emergency shelter

Toilets must not be occupied as shelters. Such usage could disturb other users and mountain lodge guests. Please do not use toilets for such a purpose.

Toilet locations

Public toilets and mountain lodge toilets are available. See the page for each trail.