[2024] Safety Measures for Climbing Mount Fuji

- Please refrain from climbing at night without staying in a mountain hut -

We introduce restrictions to ensure the safety of those climbing Mount Fuji from 2024 onwards. Only climbers who have made reservations at the mountain huts will be able to make the climb up Mount Fuji during the night.
Please review the following information if you are planning to climb Mount Fuji. We would appreciate it if organisations such as mountaineering associations, travel agencies, and mountaineering equipment stores alike could assist in disseminating and publicising these restrictions.

[Yamanashi Prefecture (Yoshida Trail)]

The following restrictions will be enforced at the fifth station of the Yoshida Trail, with gates put in place, however those with prior reservations to stay in the mountain huts are exempt.
1) The restrictions will be in effect from 4:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. the next day.
2) Restrictions will be imposed when the numbers of climbers exceed 4,000 people per day.
Information regarding the restrictions will be shared on social media and at the Fuji Hokuroku car park located at the foot of Mount Fuji.
>> Climbers who pass through the gate at the fifth station will pay a fee of 2,000 yen per person.
Previously, a voluntary donation of 1,000 yen was implemented for the conservation of Mount Fuji. The maximum fee charged per person will now be 3,000 yen.
>> To avoid potential accidents from occurring, please listen to the designated mountaineering guide appointed by the Yamanashi prefectural government and follow proper climbing etiquette.
>> We advise inexperienced climbers to climb with the assistance of a mountaineering guide.


[Shizuoka Prefecture(Subashiri Trail, Gotemba Trail and Fujinomiya Trail)]

>> Checking of mountain hut reservation confirmation is implemented for climbs starting after 4p.m. 

>> Mountain climbing management using DX
If you are planning to climb from the Shizuoka Prefecture mountain trails, please register on the web system in advance.
(The URL of the web system will be released around the end of June.)

>> Fujisan Conservation Donations
Everyone can help in making Fujisan a mountain that people from all over Japan and the world can climb safely and enjoyably. Thank you for your cooperation.
Amount: 1,000 yen (basic donation) per person


 Yamanashi Prefecture
 Governor's Policy Bureau
 Mount Fuji Conservation and Tourism Ecosystem Promotion Group
   Phone: 055-223-1315

 Shizuoka Prefecture
 Sports, Culture and Tourism Department
 Mt.Fuji World Heritage Divison
   Phone: 054-221-3746