Opening of the summit rim trail (Ohachimeguri Trail)

Opening of the summit rim trail (Ohachimeguri Trail)

The Mount Fuji Summit Circumference Trail "Ohachi-meguri Trail", which circles the summit of Mount Fuji, have opened on July 10 as originally scheduled.(*1)

At the time of the survey on July 2nd, there was still a lot of snow remaining near Kengamine, so an announcement was made that some sections of the road would be closed. However, an investigation on July 9th confirmed that the snow on the summit had melted and there was no disruption to traffic on the footpaths.

*1: July 10th, 4:40 AM: The summit circular trail (Ohachi Meguri) is now fully open. However, there are often strong winds near the summit, and thick fog can occur. Even if restrictions are lifted, it may still be dangerous depending on the weather. Please carefully assess the weather conditions before proceeding.

- Please keep on the sidewalk under all circumstances. (Please be especially careful where there is snow remaining on the side of the sidewalk.)
- The rocks on the trail are very prone to crumbling, so please be careful of falling rocks.
- Currently, some parts of the iron safety fence near the summit (Umanose) are damaged. The safety fence is not a handrail for climbing, so please do not hold onto it when climbing.
- Even if traffic restrictions are lifted, roads may still be dangerous due to strong winds, heavy rain, lightning, dense fog, etc. Please carefully assess the situation and make your decision.
The summit toilets on the Fujinomiya side (managed by the Ministry of the Environment) opened on July 10th.
- Due to maintenance work, temporary toilets will be in operation this year. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Conditions of the summit rim trail

The condition around Kengamine, photo taken on July 10, 2024.
The condition of Umanose near Kengamine, photo taken on July 2, 2024.
The safety fences are not handrails for climbing, so please do not hold onto them when climbing.

*Currently, there are some damaged sections of the iron safety fence near the summit (Umanose). We plan to fix it as soon as possible, but please be careful when passing through as it is aging.


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