Yoshida Trail to open on July 1 for 2023 season


Regarding the Yoshida Ascending/Decending Trails, the winter closure will be lifted from Friday, July 1, 2023.

○Yoshida Trail winter closure lifted section
 Ascending routes
  ・5th Station parking lot - 5th Station (Izumikataki Waterfall) - via ascending trail - summit
  ・5th station (Satou hut) - 6th station (Mt.Fuji Safety Guidance Center) - via ascending trail - summit

 Connecting route
  ・5th station parking lot - 5th station (Izumikataki Waterfall) - 5th station (Sato hut)

 Descending routes
  ・Summit -(via ascending trail)- 8th station (branch above "Ganso Muro" hut) - Shitaedoya hut - 5th station (parking lot / Sato hut)

*Note: From July 1 (Saturday) to July 9 (Sunday), the ascending trail between the junction above 8th station Ganso Muro hut and the summit will be shared by ascending AND descending climbers.

○ For details, please check the Yamanashi Prefecture website below.