[Yoshida Trail] 2024 Restrictions overview and FAQ


[Yoshida Trail] Restrictions overview

The following restrictions will be enforced at the fifth station of the Yoshida Trail, with gates put in place, however those with prior reservations to stay in the mountain huts are exempt.
1) The restrictions will be in effect from 4:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. the next day.
2) Restrictions will be imposed when the numbers of climbers exceed 4,000 people per day.
Information regarding the restrictions will be shared on social media and at the Fuji Hokuroku car park located at the foot of Mount Fuji.
>> Climbers who pass through the gate at the fifth station will pay a fee of 2,000 yen per person.
Previously, a voluntary donation of 1,000 yen was implemented for the conservation of Mount Fuji. The maximum fee charged per person will now be 3,000 yen.
>> To avoid potential accidents from occurring, please listen to the designated mountaineering guide appointed by the Yamanashi prefectural government and follow proper climbing etiquette.
>> We advise inexperienced climbers to climb with the assistance of a mountaineering guide.

[Yoshida Trail] FAQ <General Questions>

Q: Where will the gates be installed?
- A gate will be installed at the entrance of the fifth station of the Yoshida Trail, as shown on the left.

Q: Why are the gates closed during the night (from 4pm until 3am)? 
-Many climbers ascending Mt. Fuji want to witness the sunrise at the summit, meaning many will make the climb during the night, resulting in overcrowding and climbers descending the mountain without rest.(※)
Therefore, restrictions on passage have been put in place at a specific time period to tackle this situation.
※ The causes of altitude sickness and hypothermia were due to climbers ascending at night without taking a break at the lodging facilities, aiming to reach the summit in time for sunrise.

Q: Can I pay the hiking fee via credit card, cashless payment or QR code?
- Yes, payment for the hiking fee and the Mt. Fuji conservation donation can be made using credit card, cashless payment or QR code at the 5th station. However, we recommend carrying some cash on hand as cashless payment may be difficult during extreme weather conditions.

Q: If I have already paid when ascending the mountain, can I pass through the gate during the descent?

- Yes, you can pass through the gate during your descent regardless of time restrictions.

[Yoshida Trail] FAQ <Yoshida trail gate entrance reservation system>

Q: Are the reservations for both admission through the trail gates and the mountain huts?

- The reservations are booked separately.


Q: If I make a reservation for the mountain huts, do I have to book a reservation to pass through the trail gates too?

- If you have mountain hut reservations, you can book online or pay for the hiking fee on the day of the climb.


Q: If I don’t have mountain hut reservations, does that I mean I can’t climb Mt. Fuji?

-You can climb Mt. Fuji even without mountain hut reservations. However, climbers are subject to restrictions and cannot climb during the hours between 4pm until 3am. If the number of climbers passing through the trail gate exceeds the daily limit of 4,000 people, access between the fifth station and the summit will be restricted.


Q: If I have made reservations for passage through the trail gates, can I continue climbing even after 4pm?

-Only climbers with mountain hut reservations are allowed to pass through the gate after 4pm. However, as a general rule we encourage those with mountain hut reservations to pass through the gate at the fifth station before the restricted hours begin to ensure safe climbing.


Q: Should those with mountain hut reservations also make prior bookings to pass through the gate?  Are there any advantages?

-As payment is complete at the time of reservation, the process of passing through the gates would be smoother as there is a separate line for those who have made prior reservations, who will need to show their QR code for confirmation. In addition, it is possible to make a group reservation of up to 100 people.


Q: If I want to cancel or change my reservation after payment has been complete, will I be refunded?

- Once payment is complete, reservations are non-refundable, including changes or cancellations due to personal reasons. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances on our end and you were unable to pass through the gate, refunds will be issued. There is no further action needed on your end after cancelling a reservation.


Additionally, if you wish to change the date of the climb, please cancel your reservation, and make a new one, a refund will not be issued.


Q: Could I make reservations over the phone?

-Reservations can only be made on our website.


Q: How many days in a year does the number of climbers exceed 4,000 during climbing season?

-Excluding the years 2020-2022 when the climbing season was closed due to covid-19, the actual figure is as follows:

2017: 17 days               2018: 12 days         2019: 10 days         2023: 5 days


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 Governor's Policy Bureau
 Mount Fuji Conservation and Tourism Ecosystem Promotion Group
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