Fujisan Conservation Fund-raising Campaign

Mt.Fuji (Fujisan) climbers are asked to give monetary contribution to help efforts for environmental conservation and enhancing climber safety.


For preservation of the Fujisan environment, and for the safety and support of climbers.

Donation amount (2024)

Basically 1,000 yen (donation from children and people with disabilities could be as much as they are willing to cooperate)

Who are requested?

A financial contribution is requested particularly from those who go beyond the 5th or 6th station (depending on the Trail), but gratefully accepted from anybody who wishes to help improve the general condition of Mt. Fuji.

How to pay (2024)

On-site Payment Campaign Period Hours
Yoshida Trail 5th Sta. July 1  - September 11  24h
6th Sta. July 1  - September 10 9am  24h
Subashiri Trail 5th Sta. July 10 - September 10  4:00am - 9:00pm
Gotemba Trail New 5th Sta. July 10 - September 10  4:00am - noon
Fujinomiya Trail 5th Sta. July 10 - September 10  4:00am - 9:00pm
Mizugatsuka Parking July 10 - September 10  5:00am - noon

Use of collected donations

Collected donations will be used to introduce and enhance activities and services for environmental conservation, climber safety and information provision related to climbing Mt. Fuji at and above the 5th Stations. Please have a look at listed projects below that will be covered by this donation.

  1.  Environmental conservation
  • Installing temporary toilet facilities
  • Research and examination of new technologies to be introduced into toilet system for mountain huts
  • Installing signage to raise awareness of climbing etiquette and rules
  • Environment beautification patrol


Maintenance of toilet facilities, including those in mountain huts, are not funded by "Fujisan Conservation Donation" contributed by climbers. To support the maintenance of them, climbers are asked to pay a small fee(100-300yen) when using the toilet.

  1. Climber safety
  • Increasing the safety of the down trails. (e.g Repair of protective fences and installing a voice guidence system at a junction)
  • Assigning guides to provide safety and route directions
  • Setting up first-aid centers
  • Operation of the Safety Guidance Center
  • Conducting climber trend surveys
  • Awareess program on helmet wearing

  1. Information provision
  • Setting up information centers
  • Improvement of the General Administration Center
  • Operation of on-site safety headquarters

Links and Resources

Collected donations will be used to introduce and enhance activities and services for environmental conservation.