Mt. Fuji Climbing Season 2023 Ended

1.Mountain trail to the summit of Mt. Fuji are officially closed

Mt. Fuji has ended 2023 climbing season on September 10th, and mountain trails above 5th Stations are closed, with a small exception of Fujinomiya Trail between 5th and 6th Stations for the next few weeks. Risk of mountain accidents becomes extremely high as mountain huts on the closed trails are unavailable and weather conditions in snowy season may often be extremely severe with fierce gusts of wind and snowstorms. Risk of falling due to gusts of wind or slip drop from icy trails also becomes higher, particularly above 7th stations.

Major causes of mountain accidents include:
・insufficient information such as weather.
・insufficient equipment
・insufficient knowledge and experience
・incautious planning and crammed scheduling

Even experienced alpinists with sufficient knowledge and equipment are sometimes involved in fatal accidents.
Please check the three rules for off-season climbing of Mt. Fuji, including the prohibition of off-season climbing without full preparation.



2.Guidelines for Safely Climbing Mt.Fuji (3 Rules)

(1) Off-season climbing without full preparation is prohibited

Climbing without sufficient knowledge, proper equipment, or a plan is prohibited.
Weather conditions are particularly harsh during the off-season. Safety is not ensured as first aid stations and restrooms are closed, and cell phone services are not well-maintained.

(2) Creation and submission of your climbing Plan is a must

Climbing is at your own risk.
However, for better responses of rescue teams in the event of an accident, please prepare and submit your "climbing plan" that includes the itinerary, members, equipment, emergency contact information, etc. before climbing the mountain.
Please note that submitting a "climbing plan" must not be considered as a permission by the trail management authorities.

(3) Portable toilet bags are must-have

The mountain huts and public toilets on the closed trails are unavailable.
If you are a well-prepared climber, please bring portable toilet bags with you to help preserve the natural environment.
Your own excrement must not be left behind.