Other Rules and Regulations

Off-season climbing

Weather conditions of Mt. Fuji may often become extremely severe in the off-season owing to snowfall, avalanches, freezing, storms, etc., and mountain lodges and biological toilets are also fully closed. As risks of mountaineering accidents are very high during the off-season, and it could be life-threatening to climb Mt. Fuji with the sense of general or casual climbing.

Three principles for off-season climbers of Mt. Fuji.

  • Never go if you are not fully prepared and equipped
  • Complete and submit your climbing plan
  • Bring your own portable toilet

*During the off-season, weather conditions are severe, and the risks of mountaineering accidents are high. Check the Guidelines for Safely Climbing Mt. Fuji, understand the risks, and try to make full preparations.
*If you enter the area of 3,000 meters or more (generally above the 8th Station) from the Yamanashi side between December and March of the following year, you must submit a Climbing Plan in accordance with the Ordinance Concerning Safely Climbing Mountains in Yamanashi Prefecture

Flying aerial drones

Use of drones around Mt. Fuji is not permitted in order to defend its sacredness and dignity as the 8th station of each trail and above are mostly the territory of Mt. Fuji summit Okumiya Shrine. Even in other areas, you may be required to submit an application to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, notify the Forestry Agency (Regional Forest Office) to enter national forests (mainly on the Shizuoka Prefecture side) for the purpose of photographing, and to notify Yamanashi Prefectural Office (Forest Environment Division) to enter prefectural forests on the Yamanashi prefecture side. You generally need permission of the landowner to enter. Please check with them by your own means.

For more information, please refer to the following links (Japanese) and contact the relevant organizations directly:

As of 2020, there are no regulations on flying drones under the Natural Parks Act. Please see the guidelines by Shin-etsu Natural Environment Office, Ministry of the Environment where the impact on the natural ecosystem of birds is advised:

Strong winds are likely to blow around Mt. Fuji, and special mountain winds are generated according to weather conditions. Therefore, many aircraft crashes have occurred. Aircraft that fall outside the walkway cannot be recovered. Falling drones can cause a serious life-threatening accident for climbers such as falling rocks. Please do not use drones as much as possible. If you use a drone, take all possible measures to consider the safety of other climbers.

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