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Map Subashiri Trail

The Subashiri Trail departs from the Subashiri Trail 5th Station and leads to the summit from the east side of Mt. Fuji on the Shizuoka Prefecture side (Oyama Town).

Features of Subashiri Trail

  • The forest zone expands to high altitudes, which will protect climbers from sunlight during climbing.
  • Going through the forest, you can see the sunrise and the shadow cast by Mt. Fuji from anywhere.
  • You can experience sunabashiri (steep slope made of soft volcanic gravel) to go down the descending trail in a straight line.
  • The ascending Trail and descending Trail are separated. The section from the Hon-8th Station to the summit joins the Yoshida Trail.
  • Be careful not to get lost at night or in thick fog owing to the poor visibility in the forest zone. The ascending Trail and descending Trail are separated.


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from 5th Sta. to Hon-8th Sta. (Original 8th Sta.)

  • Check the information about climbing at the Subashiri Information Center located next to the 5th station bus stop and at the entrance to the mountain trail.
  • Proceed through the forest zone from in front of Komitake Shrine.
  • Climb through a relatively gentle forest zone until you reach the 7th station, and once you pass through the forest zone, you can see the sunrise and the shadow of Mt. Fuji from anywhere.
<Facilities at the 5th sta.>
Mt. Fuji Subashiri Information Center
(attached to the Gotemba Police Station Mt. Fuji Subashiri Temporary Security Outpost)
*Open during the period when the mountain trail is open, Mt. Fuji navigator/police officer always on duty
Public toilets (open during the period 24h)

<Facilities on Subashiri trail>

**Toilets in the mountain huts are available 24h a day.

from Hon 8th Sta. (Original 8th Sta.) to Summit (In front of Kusushi Shrine)

  • The area above the Hon-8th station is the precincts of "Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Okumiya" shrine.
  • After passing the last mountain hut, "Goraikokan", the next stop is the torii gate at the 9th station.
  • After passing through "Mukae-Kusushi Shrine" in 9th station, passing through the last torii gate, you will arrive at the top of the mountain in front of "Kusushi Shrine".
  • The straight section before the last torii gate is narrower. Please pass carefully and do not push each other.
<Facilities at Summit>
  Kusushi shrine 
  Communal toilets
  (Near the entrance of the Descending trail)


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from Summit to 8th Sta.

  • Descend from the dedicated descent trail between the summit toilet and Mt. Jojudake.
  • On the way from the Hon-8th station to Shita-Edoya of the 8th station, there are parts where the road surface can be very slippery depending on the condition and there is a high risk of falling. Be careful.
  • This descent route is the same as the Yoshida trail down to the 8th station. At "Shita-Edoya" hut, the 8th station, the Subashiri trail branches to the right. 

from 8th Sta. to 5th Sta.

  • Separating from the Yoshida trail, from the 7th station, descend in a straight line down the gravel trail called "Sunabashiri".
  • After the 7th station, there are no toilets on the trail down until the Sunaharai-5th station. be careful.
  • After passing the Sunaharai-5th station, you will reach a forest zone. The trail gets dark after sunset, so you'll need a headlamp even if you don't plan on climbing at night.

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5th Station


New 6th Station


Hon-6th Station


7th Station


Hon-7th Station


8th Station



Hon-8th Station



8.5th Station




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