In-Service / Restriction period

  •  In-service period 
  • private vehicle restriction

In-service period of each facility (2024 summer)

   Opening Period
Hours Remarks
(Above 5th Sta.)
July 1 - September 10 For details The Ohachimeguri trail and the descent trail (to the 8th sta.) will be open from Jul. 10. (*1)

You can use the descending trail until the noon of Sep. 11.
Toilet* 5th Sta. Available when Fuji-Subaru Line is open 24 hours Free 
6th Sta. July 1
 - September 11 noon
24 hours Tip needed
Trail 7th Sta.
July 1
 - September 11 noon
24 hours Tip needed
First Aid Station 5th Sta. July 1 - September 11
 - 8:00pm
Mt.Fuji 5th Sta. General Management Center
7th Sta. July 13 - August 21
24 hours Near Kamaiwa-kan Hut
8th Sta. July 5 - September 10
24 hours Beside Taishi-kan Hut
5th Sta. May 1 - October 31 July 1 - Sep11
Mt.Fuji 5th Sta. General Management Center
Sep 12- Oct
 - 4:30pm
6th Sta. July 1
 - September 11 noon
24 hours Mt.Fuji Safety Guidance Center
5th Sta. July 1  - September 10 TBA For more detail
6th Sta. July 1 - September 10 TBA
Temporary Regulation of Vehicles July 5 - September 10
Fuji-Subaru Line 
Free Shuttle Bus
(Oniwa - 5th Station)

* The toilets of the mountain huts are also available. (Climbers are expected to pay a small fee in order to utilize toilet facilities.) *1 During the period from July 1 to 9, only the Yoshida Trail is available. During this period, you will go down the Yoshida ascent-trail. Then, use a connecting trail to the Yoshida descent-trail from the junction between the FUJISAN Hotel and the Ganso-muro. The entrance of the Yoshida descent-trail is also a junction with the Subasiri descent trail. When you arrive at the junction, carefully check the sign, select the yellow route and descend.

Period of private vehicle restriction (2024 summer)

  Fuji-Subaru Line  (Yoshida Trail)
Private vehicle
restriction period
July 5  6pm - September 10  6pm